Markay Financial Corporation is the successor to Markay Leasing Corporation, which was incorporated on 3 April 1981. Markay Financial Corporation is a privately owned, Licensed commercial lender that is engaged in the financing and/or leasing of all kinds of commercial, industrial and general business equipment for any form of business enterprise Nationwide in the range of $10,000 to $1,000,000. We fund our transactions through established relationships we have developed with banks and commercial lenders.

A number of years ago, we stepped back and re-evaluated our business and the present leasing environment as it had evolved. We decided we needed to make a number of changes to update and modernize our operations and customer service. We decided to do a major focus on the "Application Only" marketplace for transactions between $10,000 and $100,000. Internal procedures were modified and a computer program was developed to process the Applications using the latest in fax, internet and computer technology. This concept allowed Markay the ability to transfer paper and information between the Applicant, Markay and our Lenders very quickly and efficiently, thus providing tremendous convenience to everyone in servicing our prospective clients. This restructuring also allowed us to be far more efficient with our historical core business, which is the $100,000 to $1,000,000 or larger transactions that require full financial disclosure.

Markay has been very selective in establishing relationships with Lenders that are dedicated to providing the same type of service that Markay is dedicated to providing for its Customers. When Markay receives an Application, we individually price each transaction based on numerous variables such as time in business, credit, financial strength, equipment type and cost, and lease terms. This funding approach allows us to "Match-Fund" a Lessee’s overall transaction characteristics to a specific lender’s guidelines, which insures the highest probability of approval and the lowest cost to the client.

Markay is dedicated to establishing long term quality relationships with its Lessees and Vendors. Historically, 62 percent of Markay’s business has been with existing clients. We believe in being fair and honest and pricing our transactions competitively. We are a service oriented company that builds relationships by trying to help and offer advice as opposed to trying to hustle the customer into a fast deal. We want to understand your business and your needs, not just finance your next deal. We have every expectation that your association with Markay will be a rewarding and pleasant one.


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